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Contact information

Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre (HEQEC)

Official and post address: Valnu street 2, LV-1050, Riga, Latvia

E-mail: aiknc@aiknc.lv

Phone: +371 29283214

Account: LV05PARX0000275971014, AS "Citadele banka", PARXLV22

VAT registration number: LV50003239391

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  Daugavpils University
  Latvia University of Agriculture
  University of Latvia
  Liepaja University
  Riga Stradins University
  Riga Technical University
State Institutions of Higher Education
  BA School of Business and Finance
  J.Vitols Latvian Academy of Music
  Latvian Maritime Academy
  Latvian Academy of Culture
  Art Academy of Latvia
  National Academy of Defence of the Republic of Latvia
  Latvian Academy of Sports Education
  Rezekne Higher School
  Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  Riga Graduate School of Law
  Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy
  Ventspils College
  Vidzeme University College
Juridical Persons Established Institutions of Higher Education
  Not translated - Augstskola EIHSEBA
  Baltic Psyhology and Management University College
  Baltic International Academy
  Business Institute "RIMPAK Livonia"
  Higher School of Economic and Culture
  Information Systems Management Institute
  Latvian Christian Academy
  Not translated - Nodibinājums "Lutera Akadēmija"
  Riga Institute of Aeronavigation
  Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration
  School of Business Administration Turiba, Ltd
  Higher School of Social Technologies
  International Higher School of Practical Psychology
  Transport and Telecommunication Institute
  High School of Management and Social Work Development LTD
State Colleges
  Daugavpils Medicine College
  Jekabpils Agrobusiness College
  Latvian Culture College
  P.Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia
  University of Latvia Riga Medicine Collega
  Liepaja Maritime College
  Malnava College
  Olaine College of Mechanics and Technologies
  Riga 1.Medicine College
  Riga Civil Engineering College
  Riga Stradins University Red Cross Medicine Collega
  Riga Technical College
  Riga Business College
  Social Integration State Agency
  Fire Safety and Civil Protection College
  State Police College
  State Border Guarding College
Juridical Persons Established Colleges
  Alberta College
  College of Accounting and Finance
  Laws College
  Christian Leadership College
  Not translated - Novikontas Jūras koledža
  Business Administration College
  Cosmetology College
  Latvian Business College
Branches of Foreign Higher Education institutions
  Lateran Pontifical University Branch - Riga Higher Institute of Religion Sciences
  Lateran Pontifical University Branch - Riga Institute of Theology
  Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) Riga branch
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